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07 July 2009 @ 07:13 pm
Oh and in my pathetic attempt to sell the products that I need for school~~

BUY ONE 50 ML Victoria Secret Body Mist for only 350 PHP and you can buy 2 shirts (of any design and size as long as it's available) for 100 PHP EACH!!! YES. ANY SHIRT DESIGN!!!!!!!! (I'm desperate XD)

05 July 2009 @ 05:24 pm
AHAHAHA, I know I'm not updating AT ALL XD. Sorry about that. X3
Well... it's pretty obvious that I'm on a Hiatus. (Sorry for not saying it bluntly).  I want to make a pretty banner but I'm too lazy/busy to do so.
I just wanted to post here since I've checked my hotmail email and woah... the replies @__@; Amazing.
Thank you thank you for the support... even if the stuff here is pretty outdated now

Well... I'm on a Hiatus for various reasons
1. Uni D8
2. Currently in a relationship. Ahaha (nah... not making it an excuse. I still love HSJ <3)
3. I need to sell 30k worth of items to pass a certain class ~_~;
4. Oh and Facebook XD

Actually that's all. -bow-
For those who wants the shirts~ I still have some left overs here~!
Ahahaha, I actually forgot about them. I just remembered them when I saw a bag under my bed. LOL.
Just email me @ little_devil90259[at]yahoo[dot]com (since I open this mail everyday XD)

I am on Hiatus
Yes X3... if I updated. Then the hiatus is over.
I actually miss updating this blog :(